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The name "Piatto" stands for a combo, that is the brothers Davide and Alessandro.
Since his childhood Alessandro follows his brother's group called N.O.I.A. The N.O.I.A is probably the first Italian electronic musical group founded in 1978 by Davide Piatto and Bruno Magnani. In those years Alessandro is acquainted with Electronic Music and New Wave starting playing drum machine and synthetizers. At the beginning of the 80's he produces demo tapes and starts to play live performances with various groups.
In 1986 he plays dj sets with a punk style then, later on, they will become more techno. At the beginning of the 90's Davide and Alessandro have started to collaborate together in studio and have begun to publish CDs and records. They have produced the unreleased of N.O.I.A. for the US label Ersatz Audio and started to collaborate with G.D. Luxxe for Raymond Barry producer team. Their tracks were included in Pete Tong's playlist and Ivan Smugghe's compilation. In 2005 they have started to collaborate with Dandi & Ugo, and they found together the record label "Italo Business" In 2008 together whit Italo Businnes they added N.O.I.A. Records where they included a mixture of Indie Dance, New Wave and
Techno Minimal music. Nowadays the group "Piatto" continue on publishing CDs and remix for several labels reaching always good positins in the charts. Their singles can be found in the playlists of Troy Pierce, Pan Pot, Umek and also Richie Hawtin.