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Louie Cut is a dj and producer from Lisboa, Portugal. His sound can be described has the middle term between minimal and techno. Mixing cheerful and uplifting vibes with dark and twisted beats, smooth basslines and a continuous juicy groove.His productions always include some kind of abstract funkiness and fresh feeling. Trying to keep his style pure and special, something new, not the same.
Louie Cut is playing out records since 2006 but its from the middle of 2009 to the present, that he has been invited to play in the best Lisbon clubs, such as: OpArt, Club Souk, Lx Faktory, Kapital, Alive, Domus, Bar do Rio, The Loft, Kozee, Espaço 2010, Bar do Cais and others...
Louie Cut has shared the stage with artists such as: Ramon Tapia, Andrea Bertolini, Piatto, Levan, Kanio, Maxime Dangles, M.A.N.D.Y, Leeks, Eigo, Marko Vukovic, Beckers, Federico Milani, Format: B, Mini Mode, Joseph Capriati and more...
He's second release ever named Substance ep (Piso Records) reached top 18 and top 79, with two different tracks on beatport minimal chart.
For 2011, Louie signed releases with labels such has: Bosphorus Underground, Kraft, Fish, Killing Machine, Hamburg Aufnahmen, Diva, Butane, Piso Records, Mini Coffee, Italo Business and more... Louie's release Agent Minimal, out on 14-04-201, hitted the charts once again achieving top 4 on the beatport minimal charts. Only in 2011, Louie reaches the Top 100 of the Beatport minimal charts with other 18 different Tracks.

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